Live Video Streaming App Records 200 Million Streams in its First Year

2023-04-12 19:25:54 By : Mr. Jack Yang
Twitter’s live streaming application, Periscope, has recently celebrated the first anniversary of its inception. In just a year, the platform has achieved an impressive milestone - hosting 200 million live streams. The application has not only become a significant aspect of social media but has also revolutionized the way social media is viewed by its millions of users worldwide.

Periscope was launched last year, and it picked up so fast that it was quickly acquired by one of the world’s largest social media giants, Twitter. This has enabled a seamless integration of the application with Twitter’s services, allowing Twitter to market Periscope as part of its platform on mobile and PC devices.
Twitter's Periscope Celebrates 200m Live Streams in Year

The concept of live streaming has not been around for too long but is quickly gaining momentum. Periscope, for instance, has taken live streaming to a whole new level by allowing people to broadcast live video streams on the go. This has brought people closer to real-time events, enabled them to share experiences, and has changed the way individuals participate in social media conversations.

One reason for Periscope’s global popularity is the fact that it’s an entirely user-generated experience. This means that there are no time delays, and everything happens in real-time, making it more appealing to people who like fresh and engaging content. Periscope has enabled individuals to easily, and quickly, broadcast live video streams to their followers, which has led to a high engagement rate.

Live streaming has quickly become a vital tool for social media users, and Periscope might just be the jewel in the crown. The statistics behind these claims are staggering - 110 years’ worth of video streams are watched on the platform every day, with users watching an average of 40 years of content each day.

Periscope’s success has been achieved in a relatively short time, due to several factors, including Twitter’s substantial user base. Twitter has over 325 million active users and has become an avenue for user-generated content. Periscope’s integration with Twitter, as well as its user-friendly interface, has enabled users to easily connect with their audience.

Periscope has also enabled social media influencers, traditional media outlets, and brands to share their content with a broader audience. Due to the platform’s increasing popularity, brands see it as an excellent opportunity for marketing their products and services. Some have even used Periscope to hold live events, which have given them more exposure and helped them reach out to a wider audience.

Furthermore, it’s estimated that Periscope’s daily audiences will continue to grow rapidly, with more than 150 years’ worth of live videos streamed on the platform every day. As it continues to gain popularity, this makes it attractive for investors and entrepreneurs to join the fray.

The app’s creators, Asia National Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. based in Guangzhou, China, have been in the business of manufacturing OEM TVs for over ten years. The company has provided consumers with high-quality products that have been exported to different parts of the world, including developing countries in Asia, South America, Middle East, and Africa.

In summary, Periscope’s 200 million live streams within a year is impressive, considering that it is a relatively new application. Periscope has changed the way people view live events and participate in social media conversations. Its success has been achieved due to its user-generated experience, Twitter’s user base, and the platform’s excellent user interface. As the app continues to grow in popularity, it’s only going to get better and become more popular among social media users.